SPb-Giproshakht is a design and consulting company and one of the industry leaders. It deservedly has authority in the field of consulting and integrated design of mining enterprises.

Giproshakht State Design Institute was founded on August 31


Design projects for foreign coal mining enterprises launched


Giproshakht was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour for its substantial contribution to the development of the coal and shale industry


Giproshakht became a member of Severstal international mining and metallurgical company

The company consists of 10 production departments

  • Geology Department
  • Open-pit Mining Department
  • Underground Mining Department
  • Department of Processing and Surface Facility Design
  • Engineering and Construction Department
  • Detailed Structural Design Department
  • Utilities System Design Department
  • Information Modeling Department
  • Environmental Department
  • Economic Assessment and Estimate Documentation Department
SPb-Giproshakht is a team of professionals, who have completed a number of flagship projects in Russia and abroad. Using ideas and knowledge gathered from around the world, our extensive business contacts and our own achievements as well as focusing on the opinions of our customers and the experience of our partners, we always manage to find the most efficient solutions for the most difficult tasks.

Our values

We are a team of like-minded professionals. Our actions are based on trust, responsibility, co-development and implementation of solutions.
Respect for people
We provide decent working conditions, we fairly assess the performance of our employees, we create conditions which provide for their self-realization, proactiveness and growth within the company.
We believe that no goal can justify compromising safety. We strive to prevent environmental pollution and use power and natural resources as efficiently and rationally as possible.
Attention to clients
We realise that our company exists only by the virtue of our clients. We respect and appreciate our clients, attentively study their requirements and promptly respond to their needs. We develop together with them and for them: we aim to perfect our technologies, improve our processes, launch new products and raise our service level.
Efficiency and promptness
We strive to achieve the best possible results, to introduce the best practices and innovations and make effective and timely decisions.
Unity is the fundamental principle for achieving leadership in creation. Our unity lies in joint goals, values and professional standards.

Our mission is to become leading creators. We understand leadership in creation in a broad sense

BIM Лидер

Spb-Giproshakht has been acknowledged the BIM leader in Russia according to Autodesk

The BIM leaders club was founded by Autodesk in 2014. Its purpose is the development of BIM practices in Russia, cooperation with state authorities, the development of BIM standards and templates and collaboration with higher education institutions.

Russia’s BIM leader 2019 Russia’s BIM leader 2018 Russia’s BIM leader 2017 Russia’s BIM leader 2016 Russia’s BIM leader 2015 Russia’s BIM leader 2014

Our primary clients are mining companies and EPC contractors


The Pechorskaya concentration facility design was the first project developed in 3D


SPb-Giproshakht was named BIM leader of Russia


SPb-Giproshakht started rendering design and consulting services to international EPC companies


Over a period of three years, there was an increase in the business portfolio by 1.5 times


The quality management system became certified and actively maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard


The company conducted a recertification audit for compliance with the QMS requirements of ISO 9001:2015 international standard with the Australian certification body – SAI Global.